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Welcome to Muslim Food Fest

On June 22nd, Muslim Food Fest will bring together the best halal restaurants, catering companies, bakeries, and manufacturers throughout the east coast and beyond! With the help of many sponsors, we will make this an event you will never forget!

During the festival there will also be a full bazaar, kids section that will include various activities and games as well as a Halal Mixing and Drink Station!

To put the cherry on top, we have partnered with Halal Food Nation and Shalimar Gardens to create the world's largest kabob known to man at 42 Feet! Judges from the Guinness Book of World Records will be on site as we make history. And once we have accomplished that, we are going to donate all 42 feet of it to feed the homeless and make an impact right here in our community. May I say a double cherry on top?!

Foodies Unite!

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